Eternal Insecurity

One of the worst, most insidious, heresies to plague the modern church is that demonic doctrine misnamed Eternal Security. Nothing has tempted and consumed more spiritually immature Christians than the lukewarm, legalistic heresies that claim the church in it’s infinite wisdom and power can countermand God’s written judgment against the unrepentant. And the single most deceptive of these is the false teaching that God will eternally overlook the habitual, post-conversion rebellion and sin of an authentic Christian.

This false teaching holds that most cardinal sins are simply childish errors, once you have become One of the Elect. And it claims that the only real sin is doubting that you are secured. You said the magic words, experienced the initiation, now you have a free ticket to live in licentiousness and the worst that can happen is God will take your toys away. And all of this happens against the backdrop of a world in torment that will see eternal damnation for simply failing to say and never doubt those aforementioned magic words, sometime in childhood, after receiving the official indoctrination. And anyone who tries to show you otherwise is treated with, at best, the condescending status of weaker brother.

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